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The Square Legacy Table of Contents!

Posted [sticky post] on 2015.01.01 at 13:00
I know how annoying it can be to have to go through every single page of a journal just to find the post you want to read. So, I have made for you this very special and one-of-a-kind Square Legacy Table of Contents! This post shall be updated every so often with newer chapters and various miscellanea.
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Round 3: Hugo

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Huxley: A Sims 2 Prosperity Challenge: Round 1: Haute

Posted on 2016.07.02 at 07:39
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Soooo I've been updating my blog Huxley for about a week now... figured I should put updates on this blog, too, and not just the legacychallenge comm.

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Round 1: Haute

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Omg! What the hell have I been doing???

Posted on 2016.06.26 at 00:56
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Hello, anyone who might still be following my LJ.

I'm kind of awful, aren't I? Lol. This is like the third time I've taken a big hiatus like this and, as usual, it has a lot to do with technical problems!

So here are my excuses for not updating any of my legacies lately:
> Sims 3 started crashing and freezing for no discernable reason. I've since reinstalled (after taking a break for a couple of months) and messed around with TS3!Squares since then. Faris has kids and grandkids in TS3 now, so it's almost like the good old days! Almost.

Her son, TS3!Edgar, who retains the Van Watson nose and lips and the overall Square "look", and is my chosen heir for generation five.

And his wife, um......... I forget... and their firstborn, Scarlet Square. They also have a son... Sephiroth:

Scarlet and Sephy have two cousins... Aerith and Cloud, TS3!Celes's kids with Mortimer Goth. I moved him and his family to Barnacle Bay, along with a bunch of other sims I liked, and Celes and Mort just kind of clicked. Both Scarlet and Sephiroth have Jennika's brown eyes, btw.

> The Kingston save is full of CC and mods that I think *may* have contributed to my freezing and crashing. The Square game froze like twice while I played their file with no CC (for like a month, so it wasn't very frequent), whereas the crashes concerned me greatly. Ever since I worked everything out with the new computer crashing has been pretty much nonexistent. So naturally I was taken aback by this!

> So what the hell have I been doing??? Well I messed around with a neighborhood in TS4, and then, in April, I went a little nuts. As in, I kind of had a nervous breakdown. I was not well for a little while but I'm doing pretty good now, things are in order in my life at the moment and they look like they're going to stay that way.

Also, on a whim I bought Sims 2... and... guess what!

It woooooooooooorks! Swimmingly! I've been playing since April and aside from a couple of annoying gameplay related things I think it's pretty fun! No I've never played TS2 before, lol. I'm always late to the party, ALWAYS.

Annnnd... of course I started a TS2 blog. OF COURSE. It's Prosperity Challenge-oriented and you can check it out hurr.

I am really sorry I haven't been around lately or commenting on anyone's legacies. But I'm back now! Probably!

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The Square Legacy: Chapter 39

Posted on 2015.10.31 at 13:30
Sorry I did not have this up sooner, ya'll, but some things came up... like my Internet not working. And uh a little bit of laziness, yeah.

But, without further ado... I welcome you to...

slowly chugging alongCollapse )

So anyway--that's all for this update. I'll try to have another one pumped out by the end of November but who the hell knows :-<

Until then... as always... happy simming <3!

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The Square Legacy: Chapter 38

Posted on 2015.10.04 at 13:30
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Ah HA! I bet you weren't expecting the Squares to be updated anytime soon!

Well the fact is the Squares are just a little over a year old now, so I figured I better wrap up this generation soon. Just FYI all of the kids this generation are already pretty grown up in their save; as usual I'm trying desperately to play catch-up before playing anymore. And there is a surprise at the end of this generation--ah, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

In the meantime, please enjoy...

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So that's it for today's update! I'm trying to get back into the swing of things with this Sims business but I've been avoiding it for so long that it may take a while to readjust. Sorry for not updating much lately; I've been pretty exhausted after getting home from work and all I've really wanted to do for the past few months is play other games, write, or just kind of laze around.

But, do look for another update sometime this week; I promise this time that it will happen. Probably

In the meantime--happy simming <3!

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The Kingston ISBI: 2.1

Posted on 2015.07.26 at 13:30
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Make sure to read that other post before you read this one. Or else this one might not make that much sense. Maybe. Who knows!

even more babies join the fray!Collapse )

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The Kingston ISBI: 2.0

Posted on 2015.07.26 at 13:28
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Generation TWO starts in this entry. FINALLY amirite

at least one baby under the cutCollapse )

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The Kingston ISBI: 1.7

Posted on 2015.07.19 at 13:00
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Okay so I lied last chapter. THIS is the final chapter of generation one. Taking a month off from updating does things to a person, okay >:-(

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The Kingston ISBI: 1.6

Posted on 2015.07.18 at 16:00
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Uhhh... so like... I've been an awful blogger. This post has been in my scheduled entries stuff for like a month now... sorta... and I've been playing my Kingstons here and there since the last time I posted. We have a whole hell of a lot to get through and I have neglected to keep you up to date D-: sorry! (Like, "whole hell of a lot" meaning that Roland's oldest kids are almost adults and omg I can't believe it)

Just FYI, I actually played everything in this update before posting the heir poll... so yes, just one last (and long!) update before we get to the new generation.

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