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The Kingston ISBI: 2.0


Generation TWO starts in this entry. FINALLY amirite

~ ~ ~

Today is also another edition of..... SUPER SPECIAL SUNDAY!

Oh my god I haven't done one of those in forever. I hope you enjoy, readers, because I feel kind of guilty for not updating as much as I'd planned to this last week. Life got in the way, as I'm sure you can all understand.

But anyhoo: on with the update!

~ ~ ~

So last time, Roland got married. To Constance Shelley, who may or may not be completely mentally sound.

Roland: "Hello, my sweet. I shall play you the sweetest of all melodies, about the most pure and romantic of all relationships! *plays Jack & Diane*"

Constance: I love my husband!!! :-D

Constance makes herself right at home and starts checking everything to make sure nothing is going to spontaneously explode. I guess.

Constance: Oh my god the stove... Stoves are DEADLY.

Oh, whatever. Winter has had the Fireproof Homestead LTR since that first fire way back when Blaise was born!

Constance: But this FIREPALCE... an open flame... surrounded by cloth and wood... no, no, this WILL NOT do!


You know, sometimes I forget that Roland has the Good trait, because he very very rarely rolls anything to do with donating money or even congratulating other sims he doesn't even know. Usually his wishes have to do with babies and his wife and how his wife can give him babies :-I

Also, since we had some money left over... I went against my better judgment and built them a pool. This did not last long.

Winter: We are wasting so much money... why are you doing this to me???

Hey hey hey. Would you rather live in a shack?

Winter: If it meant I got to save money--YES!

I also bought them a hot tub and the first thing Clark did was bust out the stereo he's apparently been carrying with him and strip down to his birthday suit.

Constance: Wow we got a hot tubbbbAH HA WHA AH

Constance: "Clark! Put some clothes on!"

Clark: "Just try and make me, girly. Heh heh heh I rock."

Winter: "...So! You're a, er, a writer, are you? I like books. Have you written any, lately?"

Constance: "Well, I mean, I can't write on autonomy, but I have been thinking that maybe someday I'll write a book about a race of sentient tree people who rise up and attack the human menace, and..."

Winter: "Oh, you can't write? What a shame, what a shame... *clears throat* So um... yeah... I don't care."

Well, at least one person in the household cares about Constance and her needs... er... yeah, HER needs. Ahem.

Ugh... Roland. In your parents' bed? REALLY?

But yes they did make a baby. Step 1: complete.

Also I haven't ever had Constance as an active sim... Her swimwear is pretty cute :->

Roland: Are you kidding me? Everything about her is amazing!

Even... even the barfing?

Roland: ESPECIALLY the barfing!

I can't recall if Clark was leaving for work or coming back. I don't think he passed out, either way, but part of the reason he was up and about at all hours during this time period was because of the POOL. And the hot tub. Drat and double drat!

Theresa is usually the nicest sim around the house, but I think she was taking the lack of focus and also the lack of Nate in her life pretty hard. So she had to step up and be the jerk he always aspired to be.

Tess: "Who even wears white after Labor Day, Mom? No one with a brain, that's who!"

Winter: "...what's Labor Day???"

We also have a new animal companion, since I am still iffy on installing Pets to the new computer. This is The Biebs, our new pet goldfish, named after Justin Bieber because I was listening to some song or other of his. I don't like him but a couple of his songs are catchy okay >.>

Later that evening Constance arose from a sound sleep to tell us what we already knew: she was carrying the first Kingston of generation two.

Constance: It's just you and me against the world, baby. The outside world is so harsh and unfriendly... Oh my god I'm not ready to be a mother!

So she dealt with her nerves by compulsively making her in-laws' bed. I think "neurotic" for Constance is code for "OCD."

Oh and I suppose I forgot to mention... Clark totally has the hots for Constance.

It's... weird.

Clark: "Hey, Connie. You saw me in the hot tub the other day... How'd you like that view, eh? Want to see it again?"

Constance: "Um... no, Clark. I'm kind of married to your son. And also I'm having your grandchild."

Clark: "Well, darn... Oh but congrats on the baby, though, that's cool."

Constance: "um........ yeah... uh thanks... um... I gotta go."

So now that we're done with that awkwardness... Roland rolled some wants to start gardening, for whatever reason, so I decided to indulge him. This would be his only real source of income for a long time.

His parents really enjoy that hot tub. And Clark gets to boogie down, so he's especially happy.

And then I got rid of all of it. I got sick of them hanging out until 4 in the morning in that stupid pool and going out into the hot tub instead of sleeping. Maybe one day I'll give the Kingstons another pool or another hot tub... But that day is not today.

Winter: "I can't believe you don't like aqua! Aqua is the best color in the world!"

Constance: "But... I have an aqua shirt on under this tunic... :-("

It's okay, Constance. Winter just gets to indulge in her grumpy trait now that I'm not controlling her.

GASP! My first pass-out of the legacy! I... oh no wait it's just some random paparazzo... never mind.

He was part of a rather passionate love story taking place outside of our front door, however. I hate paparazzi but this was pretty cute to watch fyi. They would just stand outside for hours and hours and flirt.

Paparazzo 1: "You're the tower to my monitor, bb."

Paparazzo 2: "Oh, you. You're so sweet. I don't even mind the crocs!"

I will say that Winter has gotten kind of weird in her old age... She loves pillow fighting. Every time I take my eyes off of her she sneaks off to pillow fight with someone. It's kind of... disconcerting, really.

Constance: I want to go to bed but I can't because I'm having a baby!

Oh darn. Well, off to the hospital, then!

...I feel like I'm missing a couple of pictures, but, oh well. Constance gave birth to a baby boy!

His name is Ulysses. He is friendly and eccentric. Ho hum.

Roland loves him. Obviously.

Roland: I sure do! Man, babies are rad! I want a million more of them!

Well... no. No "million" babies for you.

Roland: But at least four more?

Oh of course. I would be embarrassed if I didn't complete such an easy LTW. Dohoho.

But, readers... you'll have to see that in the second part of today's Super Special Sunday update! Which you can find right hurr.

~ ~ ~

Torch Holders: 2
Sim Failing School: 0
Visit from Service Sim: 1
Pass Outs: 0
Self-Wettings: 0
Accidental Deaths: 0
Social Worker Visits: 0
Fires: 1
Fights: 0
Births: 5
Twin Births: 0
Triplet Births: 0
Achieved LTW: 0
Sims on Honor Roll: 2
Randomizing LTW and traits for a whole generation: 0
Every 100,000 Simoleons: 0
Fired from job: 0
Tags: kingston family isbi, the sims, the sims 3, ts3
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